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I have decided Cas and Dean are like Steed and Peel. Lisa is Mr. Peel. Dean may go off with Lisa at the end of it all (possibly maybe perhaps or whatever), but it's Dean/Cas the supercouple with all the plot and development of sexy adventuring and reveling in bad-assitude. TRUFAX!

Give Cas a bowler hat and an umbrella and he's set, but what are the chances TPTB could get Jensen in a skintight, black catsuit?

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May. 13th, 2010 05:04 pm
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When you see this message, post in your journal with your favorite Season 5 SPN quote.

"There are two things I know for certain. One, Burt and Ernie are gay; and two, you are not gonna die a virgin. Not on my watch."
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I rewatched "Threads" last night. I know that due to the network the show is on, SPN has limitations, simple as that. But, I couldn't help thinking anyway that Ruth Beckett's ordeal makes Dean, Sam, Cas and Bobby all come off like total pussies complaining and crying about their (non)apocalypse (which is, as per usual in SPN, 90% bro-angst. Just like "Titanic"! The maudlin love affair more important than the thousands of people dying horrible deaths!). Shit, Ruth makes Future!Dean come off like a pussy. At least there was still companionship in 2014 and not everyone dying of radiation sickness or starving to death around him. Still some sort of structure from the previous, since-collapsed society. Ruth had... a hobo campfire and a newborn baby to take care of when she wasn't tilling the dead, irradiated land for any morsel of food.

I might rewatch "Children of Men" now, just to make me extra disappointed about SPN's apocalypse-that-wasn't. *sighs*
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I'm sorry to say, though I'm still hopelessly entrenched in "Supernatural" (WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU?!), but Saturday's "Doctor Who"? FAR scarier than anything in this entire wussy SPN "apocalypse". And "Doctor Who" is family programming.
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I haven't watched 5.17 yet and it's taking me an olympian level of resistance to not watch certain 5.18 clips (tho I read some of the comments). I should get a medal.
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I'm sure there's similarities to other dystopian stories like Fahrenheit 451 or 1984, but I'd just been watching "Equilibrium" and the whole emotionless dystopian world there seems similar to what Kripke was going for with some of the descriptions of angels and angel society. Though funny, Castiel was the only really emotionally-challenged one of all the angels. Maybe Anna somewhat after her Heel Face Turn. Otherwise the angels are hardly emotionless "marble statues". Heh. I don't know if that's supposed to say what a good little soldier Castiel was before Dean came along or Kripke just felt like fanboying "Equilibrium" one or two eps and promptly forgot about it in favor of angels as emo, smug bastards or dicks?

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Someone who knows way more about psychology than I could probably come up with an intriguing meta about how Famine's power basically supercharged the Id until the Ego was powerless to hold it back.

You might see that literally personified in Castiel as Ego being completely overwhelmed by Jimmy or the Jimmy urges as Id.

The reason why Dean wasn't affected may be because his Super-Ego is grossly overdeveloped, though to Famine read as him being "dead inside" (or that he simply didn't understand what he was seeing in Dean). Dean, for pretty much all his life but much more after 40 years in Hell (a decade of which he himself was torturer), is near constantly assailed by feelings of guilt and inferiority.
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Dark confession time: So, season 6 is confirmed. I sort of want 5x22 to be SPN's equivalent of "Dr. Strangelove" and Lucifer drops the bombs (or unleashes Croatoan or whatever) before any possible kicking of the bucket. Then every other episode, at least the second half of S6, is pretty much like "The End". Except maybe not quite as bad. Dean isn't some cold, apathetic hard-ass. Sam's still Sam and around. Cas isn't some tragic over-sexed and over-doped Last Man. Dean doesn't strip the Impala, etc.

Homebase eventually becomes Camp Chautauqua and they're still driving around fighting as many demons, Croatoan zombies or whatever other nasties while the gas holds out (hence the possible likening to S1/S2). Maybe also helping Cas try to find God. All the while holding it together as this dysfunctional, but still very real sort of family and the last bastion of hope for whatever humanity remains. Also leaders for whoever willing to believe in the supernatural and fight against it. Thus, Dean, Sam and Cas as the leaders of this small (but growing) band of human survivors. With the old religions fading and dying with the old world, here are also the first seeds planted for the future of the Winchester Gospel.

SPN gives us the post-apocalyptic story, even if they couldn't (or wouldn't) give us Apocalypse every ep.

But then I remember they have no monies and they can't do that. *sighs*


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