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It took me a bit longer than I thought to get back into the swing of things post-holidays. Here's an info-dump of various fannish updates and a few embarrassing confessions which I'm blaming entirely on relatives and cheap booze.

  1. I finally got around to watching The Next Doctor yesterday. It reminded me a hell of a lot of K-Pax. Which, despite the lack of floating and glowing and other such religulous shenanigans, did absolutely nothing to dissuade from Rusty's Doctor Is Jesus (Especially On Chrimbo) that's been going on the past few years.

  2. As for the actual next Doctor, I don't really have much to say. He does nothing for me wading on the shallow end of the pool. However, I hear he's a good actor and I'm in the camp that was ready for a change, so I suppose I'm on the plus side of things for now.

  3. I probably should have blamed the delayed LJ response on nursing nasty finger callouses c/o profuse amounts of Left 4 Dead, Dead Space and PS3 Bioshock over the holidays. My fingers are still sore. I forgot how cathartic zombie killing can be, if vaguely traumatizing for the dreams it inevitably inspires. I liked Dead Space especially, it was like Event Horizon the game (which is pretty much the ghost/zombie terror version of Solaris). I was also playing a little Little Big Planet which was every bit as painfully cute and painfully addictive as I'd been hearing it was.

  4. In that vein of traumatizing zombie terror, I'd recommend [REC] which I saw oh so appropriately saw on Christmas Eve. It's basically "Blair Witch Project" (minus motion sickness, or at least I didn't get sick) meets "28 Days Later". I did watch it rather late, so I might be exaggerating with the trauma, but the last 5 minutes? I was hiding behind a pillow through most of it. Here is the trailer for the curious. ) If it looks familiar, Hollywood remade it with Dexter Morgan's sister. Not surprisingly, I heard the remake wasn't as traumatizing good.

  5. By a very unfortunate circumstance (aka, cousins half my age and this is where the cheap booze comes into play), I was conned into watching the recent season of Smallville. A show I haven't watched with any consistency since it's second season and then only barely. I'm rather ashamed to say, I didn't find it half as bad as I remembered it. There are still only about two or three in the cast that can actually act and Doomsday is entirely different than he is in comics canon (as per SV, he's of course emo and HAWT, I've dubbed him Doomy McSixPack), however, it really wasn't atrocious. Its also apparently become capable of prettiness beyond the cast. I had no idea. Although I am a sucker for how those old school monster movies look. Throw in a Bride of Frankenstein homage and I'm there. ) Which probably will end up getting my nerd-cred card revoked or something.

  6. Although the SV shame might not have been quite as great had I actually caught up with a fandom I actually take part in as I've missed most of SGA this season. I've also missed Friday's series finale. *sighs*

  7. Now what's this about some great LJ exodus?

The fandom meme that half the flist has done. )

The icon meme the other half has done. )
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Switched cable services and one of the new channels I have now is BBC America. Get to watch Crotchwood and Jackianto and drug rapist arsehole legally. Yayz.

Brother called me up at an ungodly hour this morning from San Diego and berated me for not standing in line at Wal-Mart for "Halo 3" as he had done, then he called me a noob and hung-up. I guess I'm just going to have to live with myself without that experience as I ordered it from Amazon and will bide the time with "Gears of War" which is Halo-but-not

Also watched "The Sarah Jane Adventures"... which I enjoyed, but yeah, the Slitheen can never show up in Whoniverse again and I wouldn't be bothered. Do the kids really like them that much? I also think I may be a Clyde fan (as long as he doesn't end up the Tin Dog in the bad way). Next week does look interesting. Pls with "The Mind Robber" shout-outs Mr. Roberts, yes?
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Now if this just doesn't make one die of the nerdgasms...

:dies of nerdgasms:

The rumors (by way of [ profile] girl_gamers) is this might be the new sequel KOTOR and it might be multiconsole. EEEEeeeee!
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Lego Star Wars is CRACK. )

That is all.
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I've said before I don't consider myself much of a gamer. I'll play anything that looks good (and probably suck at it). However, if things really look good, I'll probably buy it before even playing it... such is the case it seems with Onimusha 3: Demon Siege.

Wa ta shi wa superpretty-desu )

Oh, and Leon is in the game too.

I'm going to be so broke in May and June. Like I said, I'm *not* a gamer, but there just happens to be a lot of good stuff specifically within my particular interests coming out in those months. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for GC is already got my $50.
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I'm sitting here looking for something mind-numbing to do avoiding work (per usual), so I decided to dust off my copy of "Wolverine's Revenge".

I was reminded why it was dusty in the first place. )


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