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A Martha Jones fanmix, because there's just not enough Martha love out there.

I was there for you, my darling one, and by your law it all was done. )
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My first Doctor Who fanmix... and it's for Ten/Reinette.

covers + tracks )
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I finally (finally) finished a fanmix. In this case for SGA, more specifically Ronon. I just posted it at [ profile] _rfa here for anyone who's interested. Although it's ironic it's the Ronon mix I finish first when he's the one I always had trouble finding lyrics for for some reason. I could make obscenely long playlists for Doctors Nine or Ten... but Shep's Chewie was the challenge. Heh.

Although sifting through SGA transcripts yesterday evening I noticed a continuity error. Ronon calls the Stargate "the gate" in "Sateda"... while in "Runner" he apparently didn't know what this "Stargate" was Shep was talking about in "Runner" thus making Shep describe it (in this ep, Ronon referred to it as "the ring"). Then again, I suppose your brains could get scrambled a bit running from Wraith for seven years. Although it would make more sense Ronon calling it "the ring" (or the "well of the ancestors", which is what Teyla calls it I think?)... "gate" would be something held over from the Ancients themselves. Now I'm trying to remember if any other PegaHumans have ever called it "gate" or "stargate" prior the Atlanteans referring to it that way. What did Lucius call it? However, I suppose that's minor as compared to Ronon believing none of his people survived and surprised at Kell alive in "Trinity"... but yet apparently knowing in "Sateda" Kell (possibly other Commanders) and his staff were going to go through "the gate". I suppose the gate could have been destroyed hence Ronon might have believed Kell and the others didn't make it in time. BAH! And I can't believe I'm nit-picking SGA. A show I don't necessarily watch for it's masterful storytelling.... aside from Rodney and morphine, because that was fucking brilliant.


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