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Hawks of the Luftwaffe!

when you see this, post a random quicky MM exclamation in your lj.
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Gah. They're SO going to turn out to be brother/sister. Although the part of me shipping them in a naughty, filthy way is filled with pain and emo thinking it (they're so HAWT together and the chemistry! THE CHEMISTRY!). Damn you Javi for ruining my debauched shipping partners funs!! O well, I'll live.

I also never realized Feyd Harkonnen could ever get me to laugh that hard. Dear God.

*needs more MM icons* Please don't be canceled.
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My icon? Yeah, I think I'm sort of shipping them a little. Nothing spoily for the flist that hasn't seen tonight's eppy yet, but I've been picking up a vibe. Of course I'm guilty of the Strictly Professional UST vibe being one of my most. favorite. things. ever, especially when it's done right (Mmmmm Sapphire/Steel and Steed/Peel). They seem to be making teeny hints towards that sort of thing, but with lots more goofy, snark and pop-culty refs (the partners thing, Avengers homaging, Batman/Robin the amiguously gay duo, etc). They're sort of like Four/Romana with more nerdy name-dropping, but if the Doctor was less ADD and more Captain America. I'm surprisingly shipping several pairs in this goofy, pop-culty show, which surprises me a bit. Although not invested in any one of them in particular, I'm just rolling with that stuff and absorbing the massive nerdiness and writing/acting awesome. Mmmmm pop-culty, quirky MiB goodness.

I also wonder where all the fic is or is that a bit of a faux pas in Middlefandom I'm unaware of (I know Javier Grillo-Marxuach does have an LJ, perhaps he frowns upon the fic)?

[spoilers in comments]


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