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Yet another post about Firefly / Serenity. Shocking! And it's all time-wastey since it's total shippy nonsense.

Random observation regarding Big Damn Movie and seating arrangements. )
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I just spent two evenings watching all 13 Firefly episodes consecutively. I have to say it was pretty damn hard....

...To shut off the DVD player that first night and only due to total, falling-over exhaustion (it was about 3am when I finally shut it off). I can't tell you how tempted I was just to call in sick today and watch the whole (big damn) series in one sitting.

Oh. my. god. I've been utterly blind. Utterly hopelessly blind. This show is amazing. Genuinely (sometimes, side-splittingly) funny, yet balanced with genuine moments of tragedy... all wonderfully acted. Awesome (hot) characters (of which nearly all I love... maybe with the exception of Saffron, but even that's a more love-to-hate thing). Joss' striving for perfection (I could go on and on about the symmetry of scenes and placement of characters, objects, colors, lighting, etc etc). Why the hell did Fox cancel this show again?

btw, as of about an hour, I'm also the everso giddy owner of the (show) soundtrack and the Serenity companion book / script. Yup. I'm effing gone.

Also, could anyone point me to any theories at all in regards to Shepherd Book? What are the most popular theories about him? Although in regards to the movie (spoilers).... )

Please don't let Serenity be the end, for either Book or anything / anyone else!
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Looks like I wasn't the only one who got inspiration to give the show another (or their first) shot....

I must have gone to about 10 different stores... couldn't find Firefly in a single. one. of. them. All of which were on order for more copies to come within the week. Undoubtedly, no one would probably have a lot of stock for DVDs that have been out for two (almost three) years, but sauntering into Barnes & Noble, they said they got up to a half dozen requests for it in the morning. It seems to me they might have anticipated the surge in popularity c/o Serenity's DVD release... or not. I realize the show never did all that well, but I still am kind of surprised on how (undeservedly, imho) very poorly it did in the box office. Maybe it's wrong of me not being a "browncoat" and not being in the cusp of that fandom, but... the box office numbers do almost astound me. While in comparison, the Fantastic Four did about five times as well. Maybe it's just momentary naivete and my cynicism regards to the Hollywood sausage factory will kick-in sometime later, but... that kind of does appall me just a little. There were certainly some pretties in FF and I'm definitely not abject to the occassional (very) guilty pleasure (hell, I have Hornblower on vid and dvd), but I'm not going to kid myself in convincing anyone FF was anything but god awful (it so was). I'd say Serenity was easily the vastly better movie, far beyond just the pretties. ) It looks like the show never really got it's due when it was on (included those who are now jumping so very, very late on the bandwagon - I almost feel guilty for not watching it in the theater now in attempt to boost those sorry numbers), I suppose not much is going to change despite a damn decent movie. *sighs*

btw, also saw King Kong recently. Eh. It was alright. Adrian Brody's pretty/fugly never fails to bewilder me.
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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
I liked it. Amongst some of my other friends, I'd have to agree the kids are better actors the first time around than the HP kids were. Stand outs. )

I readily admit I was never much into Firefly. I think I've probably seen about five eps in their entirety. For some reason or another, I just could never latch onto the show. Despite seemingly everyone I know obssessed with it (then again, I was never a big BTVS fan either). However... I enjoyed Serenity. A lot. So much so I ran out to Target and bought it. Not to mention... The good doctor. (spoilers) ) I actually enjoyed the movie enough, I'm going to give Firefly another shot. I believe I read recently (on someone's LJ?) Whedon debunked EW rumors that Firefly (and/or the movies) was (were) finished. I really hope that's true. I'd definitely like to see another Serenity. Thought 'The Operative' was hot too. )


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