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SPN: I think that last fight in "Sex & Violence" was likely a big fat clue to what's going to happen at the end of this season. Sam is going to keep on juicing up his demon powers despite everyone and their mother telling him not to. He's also going to keep on being pretty arrogant and increasingly complacent the more powerful he gets. However, in the end and no matter how powerful he gets, Dean is going to hand his ass to him again and in such a way it totally deflates Mr. Big Head Antichrist, also probably scares him (and everyone else) absolutely shitless. Of course, that would mean Dean would either have to outsmart Sam or overpower him. Consider it was overpowering him in "Sex & Violence", I imagine that's going to happen again in the finale. Although that begs the question, what in the hell would be going on with Dean to make him more powerful than Sam who's been perpetually high off demon crack for more than two seasons? Angel power boost, anyone?

Another big fat clue of Sam getting bitchslapped in the finale is Sam's rather crippling flaw of being unable to see the forest for the trees ("Afterschool Special" and the Dirk the Jerk situation). The boy is so damn fixated on "getting some payback" on Lilith and getting her bloody head on plate, I imagine it's going to turn out he's neglected to think on that much bigger problem of Lucifer (unless he's convinced himself killing Lilith will stop Lucifer too, which is a dubious leap to make considering how many demons there seem to be in SPN-land). Ironic considering it's his rise that everyone's trying to avoid, compared to him, Lilith is small potatoes (undoubtedly a pain in the ass since she's the one trying to raise Lucifer, but she still ain't Lucifer). Yet not for Sam. I'd bet dollars to donuts Sam's fixation - and Ruby's (who has that same flaw Sam does or really is a damn good manipulator), as she hates Lilith too - is going to totally screw him over before the season is over. Maybe even make a bad situation worse or Sam is possibly responsible, even if indirectly, for breaking one of the final seals. When this realization hits him, it's going to be simultaneous with a very scary Dean looming over him with a fire axe in his hands. Maybe with Cas standing in for Bobby this time and keeps Dean from killing his brother.

TSCC: Speaking of sex & violence, but I think Derek and Cameron have been carrying on a secret affair for some time. This is where Cameron has been sneaking off to at night when Sarah and John are asleep. Despite Derek's fierce hatred and distrust of Cameron. A feeling (for however much that means to Cameron) that seems to be mutual. Although, that same hatred is what made me suspicious about the nature of their relationship to begin with. Derek almost seems to hate her too much.

Of course, adding to the very FUBAR to this, Derek was tortured, not by Charles Fischer like in Jesse's timeline, but it was heavily implied it was Cameron who did it (the music). Unlike Charles Fischer's interrogating, I suspect Cameron's may have taken on a distinctly sexual undertone / BDSM flare (shame of which Derek would be in no hurry to confess to anyone). No real reason why I believe that exactly, apart from the music and her capacity at seduction/luring in her prey before she strikes. She is a pretty damn good infiltration unit and we know from "Vick's Chip" that robots DO go there in their infiltrating. Upon seeing each other again in 2007, Derek is still so messed-up in the head from what happened at that old house, he at once despises her, but is also attracted to her. Basically, Derek/Cameron sort of like the network tv equivalent of "The Night Porter" (with robots!) except Derek in the role of Lucia and Cameron in the role of Max, but I doubt there's any love there.

Which all, of course, would lead to one fucked-up triangle with John (the King Arthur of the future human resistance), Cameron (Robo-Guinevere) and Derek (John's best, most trusted freedom fighting Launcelot).

I don't know why I bother as my specs are never right, but as the thoughts were nagging at me I thought I'd make it a proper braindump.


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