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*SOBS* Well, it's over.

Various incoherent ramblings here. )
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Jericho!! *flails*

Oh my dearest flist, why aren't you watching this show? Why you gotta have me making the wild flaily arms alone (minus [ profile] missperkigoth, cuz she knows, my friends, she knows)?? I'd be reccing it hard if I didn't think it was going to be cancelled next week, which every logical bone in my body says it's going to be. *cries* I should be more embarrassed how this show (an American tv show, no less. On CBS) makes me go mad batshit fangirly every Tuesday... but I just can't manage to be. Feels a bit nice to be this flaily over the tv box again.

Various incoherent, stream of conscious reactions because this is what the show does to me. *sighs* )
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Damn my brother. Damn him to hell for getting me into this.

Although I have a feeling this is going to be futility, does anyone on the flist happen to watch "Jericho"?

I remembered when the series was first being promoted and thinking it looked very Alas, Babylon-lite... and it basically is. However, it's also addictive like crack. Sweet Blue Fairy Jesus help me, but if this ludicrously attractive and unbelievably clean cast hasn't sucked me into their sometimes maudlin, sometimes surprisingly awesome little apocalypse! Speculative fiction on tv where people actually learn and communicate and shoot people who deserve it and sometimes those that don't and it's actually a bit sad when that happens.

Here's the first season if anyone is interested. Although I almost feel guilty for reccing it. After I got past the first few fairly slow and fairly soapy eps, suddenly it came to all this blood feuding, conspiracy theories, Gerald McRaney is actually a damn good actor, I never knew and I didn't stop watching until I got through all 22 eps of S1. Three evenings straight of Alas, Babylon-lite and somehow I'm not at all regretful (even though I feel like I should be). At the very least I don't feel like bitching about "Doctor Who" anymore (and it always goes back to that, doesn't it?), that's something.


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