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I watched "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" as I'm naughty and couldn't wait for the American showing in a few days. I'll probably have more to say about it later since it, surprisingly, didn't leave me numb and bored (or aghast at it's god awful), thus silent, as some recent Who has. However, I will say...

Cutting to spare any non-Brit watchers trying to be good and some commentary comparing a scene with one from S3 Who. )
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This actually derives from a post I'd made on [ profile] nostalgia_lj's journal (the discussion thread here), but the post got ridiculously long so I decided to cut the bulk of it over to my own lj as opposed to flooding Nos with my insanity.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light: Thoughts on Lucy, Rose, Martha, Doctor/Saxon and Francine/Clive )

A bit of speculation about Lucy and Saxon in the finale )
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Antichrist nothing.... )
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A Martha Jones fanmix, because there's just not enough Martha love out there.

I was there for you, my darling one, and by your law it all was done. )
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I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow morning ... or this morning as it is... and I stupidly left everything I needed to take care of / buy to the last damn minute yesterday. My plan was transfer the ep to my iPod and watch it on the plane (as I only got back from errand running, about an hour an a half ago).... but skimming through reviews and I just couldn't wait. Now I'm so wired I can't sleep, so I'm just not going to and instead ramble on my LJ even though it's surefire way to forget something in several hours time. OH WELL! This will be sort of stream of consciousy and I apologize.

And then the Doctor will play a flute. )
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Burn with me. [image heavy] )
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Procreate!! Procreate!! )
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Oh brave new world, with such people in it. )
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What are my two most favorite comms at the moment?

[ profile] lifeonmartha - For all the multishipping Martha needs. Truthfully, this has been my favorite comm for several weeks now c/o their quickness with the spoilage/scans and general pre-emptive Martha-love.

[ profile] smith_n_jones - For Ten/Martha-specific shipping needs. Not a huge comm right now a la [ profile] lifeonmartha as it's newer, but I get a distinct feeling it will be growing exponentially in the coming weeks.
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Six. days.

And suffice to say, if you're not following the UK broadcast schedule, there is mass amount of spoilage here....

An S3 trailer which isn't the newest but still makes me weep with fannish glee. )

And I'm already in love and shipping, even if I'd vowed not to, but I can't not. Guh The hot can't be contained and I'm wondering if TARDIS really is big enough to hold it all. You can also almost see the added 0s on the budget. The trailers probably would have had me jumping out of my skin anyway from the mere hot factor, but the clips look fantastic as well. Looking more flash than Who has ever been. Six days. I'm going to be going obnoxious Whovian at work all week trying to convert people (or doing it unintentionally as I keep watching the trailers at work) and I can see the eyerolling at me already, but GUH!! Six days. So close.


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