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Snagged from [ profile] amezri.
Spider-Man 2: Lego Theater heeee

On another random note... $257 million in 12 days? The first movie made gajillions too.... and there are two more movies contracted for the series! It's unreal.

More comic-movie geek randomness... Alan Cumming looks signed on for X3 (Nightcrawler! Yeah!!), but Ian McKellan isn't. Yet (We *must* have Magneto!). Rebecca Romijn(-Stamos?) heard filming starts May '05, but I doubt it's starting that early. Isn't Hugh tied up with ABfO until June or August? Not to mention, Singer and "Logan's Run"? Ian speculated Sept. '05, I'd sooner believe that.
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Robert Rodi - writer of the upcoming "Rogue" series - has a new thread over at Comix X-Fan and is answering questions about "Rogue" and some of the other series he's done.

I admit I'm coming at this with a very moderate comics knowledge, but it does sound sort of interesting to me. I do know Rogue's past has been highly elusive for almost as long as she's existed, but then what the hell do I know from a good or bad comics story?

Since the thread is currently only four pages long, I decided to pull all the 'Rogue' excerpts out of it. Perhaps this goes without saying, but the following is SPOILERY so click at your own risk. )
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I'm sitting here looking for something mind-numbing to do avoiding work (per usual), so I decided to dust off my copy of "Wolverine's Revenge".

I was reminded why it was dusty in the first place. )
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I've been musing quite a bit on Rogue/Jean lately. Rogue and Jean (Phoenix, anyway) are two of my favorite female characters of the X-M. So I fully admit all the below - heh, if you couldn't guess - is based totally around my own bias. FYI, the following also pretty much spoils "X2", so if you haven't seen it yet (Where the hell have you been and why are you reading this when you could be watching it?!)... wouldn't suggest reading the rest.

Read more... )


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