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I'm still thinking about that spec offa OG re: the recent SJA nemesis... )

However, I'm thinking of it now in conjunction with something I remember in "The Sound of Drums" which, at the time, didn't make a whole lot of sense (and still doesn't, not really)...

Toclafane: "We have to escape! Because it's coming, sir! The darkness! The never-ending darkness. The terrible, terrible cold. We have to run and run and run and run!"

At the time, I just figured they were the "Utopia" humans still reacting to the encroaching end of the universe, despite not being human anymore. However... I had wondered if it may have a bigger meaning than that or at least double entendre. What were the Toclafane (and, possibly, the Master through them, something he might have unconsciously programmed in them) so afraid of? Tying SJA thoughts to this. )

Then I thought of something nemesis said in SJA which, granted, is pretty much standard baddie dialogue of just about any baddie ever, but... )

Maybe Rusty has had a grand plan all along? And it's been spilling out all over the place. Bad Wolf? The release of Abaddon? That other bloke from TW? This guy from SJA? )

And it's all been leading up to... )

**Also, there are "Doctor Who" spoilers (or huge rumors which are hardly spoilers, but I'll call them spoilers to be on the safe side) in the comments.**
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Is it just me, but "The Sarah Jane Adventures"? Feels more like Classic Who than Who or Torchwood, y/n? And not just for the presence of one Sarah Jane Smith?
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Switched cable services and one of the new channels I have now is BBC America. Get to watch Crotchwood and Jackianto and drug rapist arsehole legally. Yayz.

Brother called me up at an ungodly hour this morning from San Diego and berated me for not standing in line at Wal-Mart for "Halo 3" as he had done, then he called me a noob and hung-up. I guess I'm just going to have to live with myself without that experience as I ordered it from Amazon and will bide the time with "Gears of War" which is Halo-but-not

Also watched "The Sarah Jane Adventures"... which I enjoyed, but yeah, the Slitheen can never show up in Whoniverse again and I wouldn't be bothered. Do the kids really like them that much? I also think I may be a Clyde fan (as long as he doesn't end up the Tin Dog in the bad way). Next week does look interesting. Pls with "The Mind Robber" shout-outs Mr. Roberts, yes?


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