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Random thoughts about Bleach ep73 )
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So I'm sitting here working on the insomnia watching Winter Sonata and feeling ultra shmoopy. I also think [ profile] _debbiechan_ has partially brainwashed me in this regard (although I readily admit I had inklings towards this pairing anyway)...

IshiHime fan art I found time-wasting on the internets... )
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Since this topic got lost in a mountainous discussion (::waves at [ profile] mrs_urahara, compatriot in the madness::) in the last post (starting about here, more or less), I'm making an all new shiny post. Rah!

Random thoughts about the mother of a [death] god [substitute] and the Quincy Conspiracy. )
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Just when I can't possibly be barraged with yet another fandom... another comes along of course. Within a few months, "Firefly" infected me like the plague. Then SGA came along. The newest edition to obsessive-compulsive speculating insanity? Bleach. For the non-otaku and/or minus a DLing fetish, you might not be familiar with this slice of fanon and thus this entry will mean absolutely nothing. However, it's the current hot item in anime... and my soul is all but it's bitch at the moment.

Also special thanks to new friends [ profile] _debbiechan_ and [ profile] mrs_urahara that propagate the :cough:hot Quincy:cough: speculating madness. Since I can't seem to join a fandom without being able to nerdily speculate about it ad infinitum, I'm not sure these poor folks realize what they've gotten themselves into. If either of you bother to read this, I apologize. A lot of it will be retread from bits of our "Significant Filler" discussion over at [ profile] soul_society.

Even if this is all just a front (I'm here for the prettily drawn under(and over)age boys), some blithering about Quincy, meglomaniacal Shinigami and random questions. )


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