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It just dawned on me that this article has as much to do with Castiel now (and most of the rest of the angels, minus Joshua maybe) as it does Dean and Sam (though Sam, at least, always had Dean). It was probably relevant the moment Castiel showed up, but 5x16 made it official. Team Free Will really are orphaned heroes lost in the wilderness. Though what must that be like for Castiel, to always have had (yet not at all, really) a Father, but never had a Mother?

And I WILL have a Who reaction post, maybe later tonight or tomorrow and I don't even care it's late as hell. Loved it! The bowing to the Grand Moff Overlord has commenced! Ok, one tiny thing about the ep before any proper reaction.... )
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I'm sure there's similarities to other dystopian stories like Fahrenheit 451 or 1984, but I'd just been watching "Equilibrium" and the whole emotionless dystopian world there seems similar to what Kripke was going for with some of the descriptions of angels and angel society. Though funny, Castiel was the only really emotionally-challenged one of all the angels. Maybe Anna somewhat after her Heel Face Turn. Otherwise the angels are hardly emotionless "marble statues". Heh. I don't know if that's supposed to say what a good little soldier Castiel was before Dean came along or Kripke just felt like fanboying "Equilibrium" one or two eps and promptly forgot about it in favor of angels as emo, smug bastards or dicks?

Without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock... ticking. )
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Someone who knows way more about psychology than I could probably come up with an intriguing meta about how Famine's power basically supercharged the Id until the Ego was powerless to hold it back.

You might see that literally personified in Castiel as Ego being completely overwhelmed by Jimmy or the Jimmy urges as Id.

The reason why Dean wasn't affected may be because his Super-Ego is grossly overdeveloped, though to Famine read as him being "dead inside" (or that he simply didn't understand what he was seeing in Dean). Dean, for pretty much all his life but much more after 40 years in Hell (a decade of which he himself was torturer), is near constantly assailed by feelings of guilt and inferiority.
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Dark confession time: So, season 6 is confirmed. I sort of want 5x22 to be SPN's equivalent of "Dr. Strangelove" and Lucifer drops the bombs (or unleashes Croatoan or whatever) before any possible kicking of the bucket. Then every other episode, at least the second half of S6, is pretty much like "The End". Except maybe not quite as bad. Dean isn't some cold, apathetic hard-ass. Sam's still Sam and around. Cas isn't some tragic over-sexed and over-doped Last Man. Dean doesn't strip the Impala, etc.

Homebase eventually becomes Camp Chautauqua and they're still driving around fighting as many demons, Croatoan zombies or whatever other nasties while the gas holds out (hence the possible likening to S1/S2). Maybe also helping Cas try to find God. All the while holding it together as this dysfunctional, but still very real sort of family and the last bastion of hope for whatever humanity remains. Also leaders for whoever willing to believe in the supernatural and fight against it. Thus, Dean, Sam and Cas as the leaders of this small (but growing) band of human survivors. With the old religions fading and dying with the old world, here are also the first seeds planted for the future of the Winchester Gospel.

SPN gives us the post-apocalyptic story, even if they couldn't (or wouldn't) give us Apocalypse every ep.

But then I remember they have no monies and they can't do that. *sighs*
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...And Castiel's heart will be broken.

Seriously, angels and selective breeding? Between that and Michael's determinism BS, amongst other things, angel society is seriously Orwellian. I just haven't seen or read many dystopia stories where the Father/God/Emperor/Lord President or whatever sort of leader figure that was an ok sort of person... or they're totally impotent figureheads and some asshole, trumped-up underling is actually running the show. Castiel's heart is so going to be broken when he meets Daddy. He probably will be just like adult John - who doesn't call when his kids practically beg him for help or they get electrocuted (with Armageddon) - but a bigger heartless bastard. The big cold chessmaster (not) in the sky.... or perhaps off pretending to be the ideal family man with his own Adam while the whole of Earth & Heaven can go frak off?

Even not considering the whole dystopia motife of angels, SPN tends not to make it's heroes happy anyway, even (or especially) in it's endings. Oh Cas, the writers are going to make you cry yet.

ETA. Thinking about Dune, but another God option is he could be pulling a Leto II. As in God let the whole Armageddon situation happen (or instigated it himself) as means to eventually and purposefully collapse Heaven, or at least it's ruling angel body. Wanting to give the angels the same freedom (free will) he did humanity and live to make their own mistakes & triumphs, but also unfortunately already knowing the outcome for most of them via this gift. A la Leto II, possibly realizing early on that the situation in Heaven couldn't be sustained, so it has to be destroyed to be rebuilt. He left (for Earth), leaving the angels to fend for themselves, knowing things would go Lord of the Flies. So, the angel children implode in on themselves when the leaders of the angelic frater familias, Lucifer and Michael, destroy each other, while the human family remains (Dean, Sam and possibly Castiel adopted into it and any other angels who fight with them). Just as God intended it.
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Buddy TV posted some spoilers (pretty much rehashed from some recent cast interviews), however, since I'm bored as hell and freezing my ass off I thought I'd make a prediction about said spoilers...

PREDICTIONS!!! (which won't be right since I rarely ever am) )
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I can't believe this only just dawned on me, but I hope Nick really was all burned away when Lucifer was killing all those women and children of Carthage. Considering he seemed to only say yes to Lucifer to begin with due to his being vulnerable as his wife and child were recently murdered. I suppose that is what one should expect from agreeing to be Satan's meatsuit, but still. *cringes*

Though it's almost like Nick, indirectly, becomes something like the Lady in White. A vengeful, mourning spirit that punishes all those that cross their path, their pain shall be that unlucky traveler's pain. Just as Nick lost his wife and children, so is Lucifer out killing wives/mothers and children. Lucifer - who first appeared to Nick as his wife dressed in white - the facilitator of that horrible vengeance. Lucifer used the word "justice", but we all know what must have been underneath that, for Lucifer and Nick. Some terrible, desperate desire to lash out at the world and God for the wrongs befallen them.
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I had this really disturbing dream last night of Dean, raised as an orphan and tossed through the foster system most of his life, who'd become this sociopathic special forces soldier that's had a thousands of "enemy kills" and .... basically a monster, but an acceptable one since it's the "enemy" he's killing. That's what I get I suppose from watching "Skin" while only half-conscious. *cringes*

However, I started to wonder about the whole Michael and Dean situation, also something Anna says back in OTHOAP (includes spoilers for the movie '9') )
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I was working on this on Sunday, quit it because I was having difficulty matching up some of the archetypes, but decided to finish it and post what I have after all. Because I'm a total geek who loves me some Campbell. XD

Anyway, this is a table illustrating how S4 & S5, focus on Dean, might be following Campbell's Hero's Journey template. I could have done Sam and Castiel too, but it would have gotten massive (aka, more work than I was willing to put into it and I'm a lazy bastard with my fanon). Some of them I wasn't sure on or left blank (as S5 isn't over yet), but others were surprisingly easy to match. I heard Kripke was a fan of Campbell, after filling out the table, I can believe it. Also, if this looks at all familiar, it's because I snagged it from here, which I hope I won't get in trouble for. Noticing how well SPN fits into the archetypes? I'm not uncomfortable saying it's likely a fellow Campbellian story. Kripke probably has probably got several worn copies of The Hero With A Thousand Faces lying around.

How Supernatural's heroes in S4 & S5 may fit into Campbell's Hero's Journey )

Any comments or suggestions for the blank, question marked places or any of it really, feel free to post them.

ETA. On second thought, there was no reason, barring my laziness, I couldn't include Sam and Castiel too (though sacrificing the SW and "The Matrix" portions, but they weren't mine anyway). Also better I included them, just to show they're ALL on the Hero's Journey, not just Dean. ;)
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I wanted to make a reaction post to last night's ep, but even after a rewatch I realized I didn't really have much to say about it. It was very S1 on many levels, barring the heightened brother angst, right down to the brothers' personalities. Which I suppose was fitting for new start and all, but also I suppose highlights that from the very beginning there were seeds of trouble in the brothers' relationship leading to what happened in S4. That only now is starting to morph itself into something healthier. Sort of.

Now about the meta I can't quite seem to get together about Uriel and the other angels being misogynists, amongst other things. )
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While ogling [ profile] seablue_eyes's epic Dean/Cas picspam, something dawned on me.

We had not one seductive blonde in a white negligee in FTBYAM, we had two. Chastity and Lucifer!Jessica. Both trying to tempt pure-of-heart heroes to Fall in their own respective ways? Cas facing the temptation of humanity and Sam the temptation of Hell?

Or possibly, Chastity was actually about to morph into a Chester? IDK.

And I blame paraxdisepink for this!! Re: LOTR and Dean/Cas )


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