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Apparently this is what you get when you mix "Supernatural" + "The Craft" (with a side of "The Lost Boys" and "Underworld") and if you squint (hard) there's a bit of "Night Watch" in there, minus the creativity, decent acting / storytelling, moral play yada yada... The Covenant ).

Young guys of soap opera good looks (who seem to have acting deficiencies) and blatant shirtlessness? Check. Assrock? Check. Several shows of black leather? Check. This looks like it's teetering in the guilty pleasure category along with the aforementioned, despite it's gratuitous straight-to-videoish vibe and the production values seemingly en par to the WB (and I can watch "Supernatural" for free, but...). I'm teetering probably because it's got the cute Pyro-wannabe from 'Sky High' in it. ) who is a kid (to me) as he was born in 1986. Which exclaims I'm both ag├ęd *and* a dirty old lady. Yet I have a hard time caring? Huh.
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I really have nothing of substance to add, but randomness, however, the random is better than the void this LJ tends to be, so....

Apparently French and Saunders are going to provide voices for the "Coraline" stop-motion movie. Score!

Also, according to this article, S2 "Dr. Who" will be starting on Sci-Fi in October. Something I'd heard whisperings of over on Sci-Fi's bboard, but nothing in print. (If it's true) Score again!! Now only if there could be some info on a soundtrack (come on Beeb! Give us a score, literally).

For the "Roswell" fans on my LJ (and if you're slightly masochistic), click here for Max Evans, an iron and heavy shades of Oldboy and/or Audition. Unfortunately, it's not quite pulling me in as the Oldboy trailers did, maybe it's the general lo-fi of it all (Oldboy redux but without as much art or budget or, dare I say, talent). My ridiculous, admittedly asenine, fangirl-mind-of-old not quite getting Max's hundred yard stares out of my head. Just on the safe side, I'd say it's also NSFW even if there's no gratuitous tags of NSFW-ness (i.e. nudity/all out pr0n). Unless the boss doesn't mind the occasional, blatant gore-film trailer, click away.

And the following is definitely NSFW, but I found it funny for some sick, sad reason. Zombie pr0n! And on a similar vein, The XXXorcist.
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I'm going through my past entries, just reminding myself how big of a nerd I am (found an old X3 spec [ profile] profshallowness reminded me of and I was indeed quite off the mark *sighs*) and I stumbled on a rambly entry about Onimusha (game featuring the likenesses and voices - at least in the Japanese version - of Jean Reno and the massive hotness of Takeshi Kaneshiro). Samurais, demons, time travel... bad ass gendarme on motorcycles. All that good stuff (in the I've got nothing to do on a Tuesday evening so kick open the playstation to watch pretty Japanese people with swords fight demons kind of way).

I suddenly remembered Onimusha is apparently going to be translated into movie form... which has all the makings for guilty pleasure or even wuxia-esque spectacle (particularly if they managed to get Takeshi as the lead). Bad news? It's apparently being directed by the same guy that butchered the Silent Hill movie. *sighs* Well... hopefully they'll at least get Takeshi...and throw some real money at it to highlight the pretty.

And since I can't talk about Takeshi without *some* kind of accompanying visuals... )

Veering hopelessly o/t, I really dig the PAN'S LABYRINTH ) trailer. Kind of MirrorMask with a more blatant horror factor (aka, creepy cool). And it looks like del Toro is going back to his Devil's Backbone / Cronos roots since I get a strong vibe of both movies off that trailer (not that I'd object to another Hellboy movie, but I believe Sony dropped the rights a few weeks ago if I'm not mistaken. Damn them).


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