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I'm going through my past entries, just reminding myself how big of a nerd I am (found an old X3 spec [ profile] profshallowness reminded me of and I was indeed quite off the mark *sighs*) and I stumbled on a rambly entry about Onimusha (game featuring the likenesses and voices - at least in the Japanese version - of Jean Reno and the massive hotness of Takeshi Kaneshiro). Samurais, demons, time travel... bad ass gendarme on motorcycles. All that good stuff (in the I've got nothing to do on a Tuesday evening so kick open the playstation to watch pretty Japanese people with swords fight demons kind of way).

I suddenly remembered Onimusha is apparently going to be translated into movie form... which has all the makings for guilty pleasure or even wuxia-esque spectacle (particularly if they managed to get Takeshi as the lead). Bad news? It's apparently being directed by the same guy that butchered the Silent Hill movie. *sighs* Well... hopefully they'll at least get Takeshi...and throw some real money at it to highlight the pretty.

And since I can't talk about Takeshi without *some* kind of accompanying visuals... )

Veering hopelessly o/t, I really dig the PAN'S LABYRINTH ) trailer. Kind of MirrorMask with a more blatant horror factor (aka, creepy cool). And it looks like del Toro is going back to his Devil's Backbone / Cronos roots since I get a strong vibe of both movies off that trailer (not that I'd object to another Hellboy movie, but I believe Sony dropped the rights a few weeks ago if I'm not mistaken. Damn them).
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My brother sent me this link... it just goes to show how misleading movie trailers could be (and sometimes often are). Throw in a cute Peter Gabriel song and it's like a totally different movie. Fun for the whole family!

Here's another trailer, this time a real one for a Malaysian horror movie... although it doesn't look particularly scary as it does bizarre / kind of funny.

And for some gratuitous pretty, stills from Takeshi Kaneshiro's new movie Perhaps Love. It's a musical...
Image hosted by
The movie looks very MOULIN ROUGE... the Chinese version. )
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House of Flying Daggers (Shi Mian Mai Fu) is the new martial arts epic from Zhang Yimou (the guy who brought us Hero). It's apparently being screened at Cannes.

Of course, this is only *really* relevant to me because it's got superpretty Takeshi Kaneshiro in it. C'est tres beau. Uhhhn. Hurt me. )

Let's all hope this is better than The Returner... but the array of hot designer clothes TK was wearing in it? ::SQUEE:: It's really sad how easy I am.
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I've said before I don't consider myself much of a gamer. I'll play anything that looks good (and probably suck at it). However, if things really look good, I'll probably buy it before even playing it... such is the case it seems with Onimusha 3: Demon Siege.

Wa ta shi wa superpretty-desu )

Oh, and Leon is in the game too.

I'm going to be so broke in May and June. Like I said, I'm *not* a gamer, but there just happens to be a lot of good stuff specifically within my particular interests coming out in those months. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for GC is already got my $50.


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