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I think God is going to resurrect Mary Winchester and use her as a vessel in the finale. When God skedaddles, Mary will still be there and very alive. Possibly as God's one gift to Dean and Sam for all they've gone through. Since I suspect season 6 may be the last season, it bookends with S1 as that was the season John was around (barring 2x01). The series begins with John and ends with Mary.

Why do I think Mary might get resurrected and will be the personification of God? Just some random stuff thrown all together. How we're just told it's possible for dead people to be vessels by way of Heaven's intervention (Adam's resurrection and likely becoming Michael's vessel). Why Mary though? Because it seems Mary is the one being depicted as having the power within the family since 4x03, while John's image has gradually become influenced heavily by ignorance, naivete, being ineffectual at defending his family (and the one way he could in TSRTS was by saying yes to Michael, which is depicted as a cowardly, weak move in SPN terms) and a deadbeat. Even Adam, when he got back, doesn't have good thoughts for him (but would have still taken a deadbeat around over nothing at all). While Mary is depicted as warrior, knowledged, the loving mother and originator of the family curse / an evil construct. Mary held out longer than any of the menfolk have against an angel (Mary vs. Anna), including her hunter sons. Mary, or at least her image, completely embodying both extremes of good and evil, which makes sense to me God Himself would embody both these characteristics. John doesn't cut it in that vein anymore. He, in fact, was depicted as God's lesser, as Michael. Much in the way John himself seems to be since the ascension of Mary.

However, the way God is depicted at the moment, maybe the S4/S5 image of deadbeat!John would be more fitting, but - hope springs eternal - maybe God will turn out not to be such a dick after all? Well, not a total dick, anyway. Despite the apathetic!God that Joshua describes, maybe God was relaying through Joshua exactly what Dean, Sam & Cas needed to hear in order for them to do what they were meant to in the Big Plan? God possibly not completely apathetic, maybe the exact opposite. God is still minding the store and steering everything in the way it's meant to, but all the while not intervening more than necessary to keep from undermining Free Will? If God is still omnipresent and omniscient, then, to me, it would be those elements of naivete and weakness that John's image has since garnered that keeps me away from the John-as-God's-vessel specs.

So, we have what I honestly see as this deconstruction of John as the story's mythic, almost godlike, personification of power to this transition of a much more human, flawed, ignorant and even weak sort of figure. While Mary has been built up replacing that personification, while at the same time not losing that image of her as the loving mother. It's just taken on a fierce, even terrifying, edge to it. As opposed to the Suzy Homebody who'd been tossed into a fridge in the Pilot by John's revenge quest (mirrored in Sam's quest after Jess' death, again when Dean died), turns out she was the progenitor of the family hunter legacy (and curse), not John. Mary is both a figure with the power of creation (Mary being very pregnant the last scene of TSRTS), but also the power to destroy (the one who made the deal that had a horrible lasting consequences on the family's lives and depicted as an evil figure at the end of DSOTM whose words alone can cut so deeply into Sam, but most especially Dean). Mary as both the creator, hope and nurturer of Dean and Sam's world AND the origin of the evils of it. Who better would personify God than Mary Winchester at this point?

All that and they probably can't get Jeffrey Dean Morgan back for a cameo.

We're also told John/Mary's marriage wasn't only imperfect despite the perfect allusions it had for seasons (and Sam himself also had that impression), but was even arranged by Heaven's machinations. Adding this falseness to the whole relationship. Not to say John and Mary didn't love each other, because I'm sure that came about anyway despite Heaven's intervention, but it gives the impression, that if Free Will had total rein over them, they might not have chosen each other. As Cupid says, they hated each other at first and took considerable effort on the angels' parts to hook them up. Then we're told the marriage itself had it's real rocky moments with John having moved out for some time, despite Mary and their two young sons at home. Possibly Free Will exhibiting itself, even after the angels finally got them together?

However, why also the dissolve of the "perfect" illusion of the John/Mary relationship? Maybe because, if Heaven hadn't intervened, Mary might have been with Bobby? Bobby who all too noticeably for several seasons loves and cares for Dean and Sam, Mary's sons, in a way John never really did. Bobby who also recently had to kill and bury his beloved Karen again. Mary would be mourning John and Bobby mourning Karen, but both could likely be using some moving on... not unlike Dean and Sam probably (hopefully) might be willing to do come S6. The co-dependence has got to end at some point.
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