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I think Sam will say yes and it's going to be like when John and Bobby were possessed (Bobby's possession they conveniently reminded us of the last ep and went further actually comparing it to Sam's crazy plan re: Lucifer). They smacked Dean around some, but after a certain point (in Bobby's case, when he was about to kill Dean), they managed to fight the possession. Bobby stabbed himself after he gained back control, but John was begging Sam to shoot him with the Colt which Sam couldn't do. So, I predict Lucifer!Sam is either going to stab himself (with an archangel sword?) after Sam gains back control or Sam begs Dean to send him into Lucifer's cage in the Pit. If it's the second option, I think it will probably end much the same as Sam pointing the Colt at possessed!John in S1. They could prove me wrong, they DID have the balls to send Dean to Hell, I just don't think they have it in them to send Sam into Lucifer's cage.

Occam's Razor still says they're going to kill Castiel. It might not be permanent, but I think it will happen anyway. When he's resurrected (again), he'll have full-on heavenly mojo and go back upstairs. I only think they're killing Cas because the Jesus anvils are still banging for him (IIRC, I've only watched 5x21 once, but he landed on a fishing boat in "Delacroix"...or "De la croix", French for "Of the Cross"). However, I think human!Castiel (probably Bobby and Sam too) - those that "keep [Dean] human" - will die before any apotheosis Dean has and I do think Dean is getting one scary apotheosis in order to stop all this mess. Incidentally, I think it will be godified!Dean that will resurrect Cas, Bobby and Sam.

I do think Jimmy is gone (Cas was unconscious, you'd think Jimmy might have been able to exert control back, but the doctors apparently thought Cas was "brain dead", thus Jimmy could be "brain dead"?). With Jimmy possibly out, that means the story's Jesus Christ may now be made up in Dean (human with the Big Destiny) + Castiel (divine BFF) now. Though I always thought that's how it was or would end up, even while Jimmy was there. Dean's the one that's had the creepy, ginormous "The one who started it, is the only one who can finish it" destiny since S4. Cas has gotten a few none-too-subtle Jesus metaphors too (dying a martyr, standing under/over the "Jesus Saves" sign in AAH, the cruciform banishing light with him at the center in PONR, etc). Despite what Death says about Sam in 5x21 ("He's the only one who can stop Lucifer"), it's been DEAN the one they've been saying the past two seasons that's got to stop everything. Not to mention, when Sam tries to take up Dean's destiny, there are usually disastrous consequences (Sam tried to be the big savior last season, but unleashed Lucifer instead). I think the Sam stuff right now is just a distraction tactic and/or a means for Dean to essentially be forced into facing/accepting his apotheosis. Dean's still the one that's got to end Armageddon somehow. Probably with direct help from his other half (Cas). Though now that Cas is largely human, my guess Dean's divinity is coming toute suite. In 5x22, I'd bet dollars to donuts we'll see a reversal. Castiel will be the chthonic one (who will die, again probably along with Bobby and Sam) and Dean the celestial one. Until everything is put back in it's proper place before the very end (Dean goes back to being human, Sam, Bobby and Cas back alive. Cas goes back to being an angel). Dean can't Ascend, otherwise there's no "Supernatural" (unless S6 is taking place in Heaven, which I doubt). But Castiel can.

The fandom-pandering bunch they are, I don't necessarily see the writers getting rid of Castiel/Misha permanently, so I don't see any death being permanent. However, I don't see him being a regular in S6 either with their mentions of closing this apocalypse story out in S5. Cas getting his mojo back and going back to Heaven (probably to rule the place), keeps the option open of Cas/Misha having guest star visits in the future, thus Gamble still able to throw some nuggets at Cas/Misha's sizable fangirl contingent from time-to-time.
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