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I have decided Cas and Dean are like Steed and Peel. Lisa is Mr. Peel. Dean may go off with Lisa at the end of it all (possibly maybe perhaps or whatever), but it's Dean/Cas the supercouple with all the plot and development of sexy adventuring and reveling in bad-assitude. TRUFAX!

Give Cas a bowler hat and an umbrella and he's set, but what are the chances TPTB could get Jensen in a skintight, black catsuit?
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I haven't watched 5.17 yet and it's taking me an olympian level of resistance to not watch certain 5.18 clips (tho I read some of the comments). I should get a medal.
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Thank you to [ profile] devildoll, [ profile] scarletfbl, [ profile] ibroketuesday and [ profile] hils for the snowflake cookies. XD

Also some new friends here by way of the D/C friending meme. *waves at fellow D/C crazed*

In welcome of new D/C-crazed ppls, here is the Green Room of Eden, where Adam is telling Steve he cannot has cheezburgr. ;)

The area is under a Blizzard Watch, so very possibly no work tomorrow. PRE-EMPTIVE HUZZAH!!
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Have I mentioned yet how much I love anaapenas's (I don't know if she has an LJ) Dean/Cas vids? BECAUSE I DO! I love them like pie. And money. Pie wrapped in money!! <3333

Click for shiny example of Dean/Cas vidding shininess )

Also, does anyone know if there is SPN/Joseph Campbell meta out there? I've searched Google and [ profile] spn_heavymeta to no avail. Specifically involving Dean's S4/S5 arc?
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I need to stop going to DevArt at work.

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I'm probably slow on the uptake with this, but I noticed that in both last season's time travel ep and this season's, there was Dean/Cas shoulder touch of bromance near the very end of both eps.


Also in both eps, Surprise Angel in the co-pilot seat with Dean-not-quite-having-a-heart-attack while driving a borrowed car.
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I had a dream last night that for the rest of the season Dean/Cas emulated Buffy/Angel from the first two seasons of BTVS. The whole can't get too close or he'll lose his soul thing. Dean's terrified Cas will turn into the Mrs.-Dalloway-Cas he met in Zach's future, so desperately tries not to treat him too human or like he would a human friend. Except there's also how he totally loves Cas, but doesn't want to admit it. Cas is increasingly confused and hurt by Dean's distance because, whether Dean likes it or not, Cas is becoming more human and he wants to be close to those he cares for (namely Dean). Sam thinks Dean's an idiot (The future is what we make! We make our own future, isn't that what you said?*), but Dean isn't having it since he doesn't want to be the one responsible for Cas ruining his chance to go back home / making Cas feel compelled or obligated to stay out of misplaced feelings for him then hate him later.

Of course, I woke up before any understanding could be met or sexytiems had since apparently even my subconscious is censored by the FCC. >:(

*I just realized how similar Dean's words to Sam were to Cas' words at the end of LuR. )
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If you love the Dean/Cas (namely by way of romantical waff/schmoop with a side of angst) and are also fanatical about the LOTR such as I, read this ficlet that [ profile] 22by7 has gifted me. It was in response to this rather silly comment (BUT STILL TRUFAX!) I made regarding magical pendants and the ethereal elvish angelic love/faith/hope that coincide with them. *wibbles*
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While ogling [ profile] seablue_eyes's epic Dean/Cas picspam, something dawned on me.

We had not one seductive blonde in a white negligee in FTBYAM, we had two. Chastity and Lucifer!Jessica. Both trying to tempt pure-of-heart heroes to Fall in their own respective ways? Cas facing the temptation of humanity and Sam the temptation of Hell?

Or possibly, Chastity was actually about to morph into a Chester? IDK.

And I blame paraxdisepink for this!! Re: LOTR and Dean/Cas )
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Just because I can't stop looking at this gif...

Made by awesome [ profile] a_way_of_sin who feeds the addiction XD

I almost wonder if Eric Kripke has just stopped trying to succeed with Dean's hook-ups since he knows it's never going to touch this kind of chem. Not that they're going to stop altogether, but he's made peace with the hook-ups never being anything but vanilla, boring or corny. He's just going to rely on all the chem needs coming from the menfolk in Dean's life?

Although... that dialogue? Seriously? If I didn't know it was never ever happening, way to work the fangirls into a feeding frenzy, Krip. I know he knows what he's doing, so I'm simultaneously inclined to sing his praises and kick him in the breadbasket.
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Over the long summer months, I've come to terms with the fact I'm a lost cause when it comes to SPN. Though I'm not one of those fans that seem to be unable to make it through the day without some attempt aiming for Fandom Wank, I'm not particularly proud of my status either. I'm still a fangirl and it's been tough actually having to accept this tragic fact about myself, but accept it I reluctantly have. Damn you, stupid sexy SPN.

Since it seems to be confession-time, I also feel masochistically compelled to admit my absolute, unequivocal batshit for Dean/Castiel. Which does tragically assure my "fangirl" status, being flaily arms giddy for an SPN slash pairing (though it's not in the lunar crazed arena of wincest, it's etching it's own mark in SPN batshippery), but then I watch this fanvid...

... and any hope of denial or modicum of fight comfortably numbs right out of me (you can listen to it without sound and it's still effecting. Suffice to say, [ profile] absrip has a gift for editing). So yes, basically taking the soma holiday approach to dealing with this foreign, rabid fangirl affliction (so I guess, not dealing with it at all actually), but I suppose this post is a step in the right direction. Or I'm just embarrassing myself being rambly, fangirly and generally incoherent.

Post brought to you by the season 5 premiere tonight and I've all but lost my ability to concentrate on anything the past few hours. *facepalms*


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