Feb. 13th, 2010

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...And Castiel's heart will be broken.

Seriously, angels and selective breeding? Between that and Michael's determinism BS, amongst other things, angel society is seriously Orwellian. I just haven't seen or read many dystopia stories where the Father/God/Emperor/Lord President or whatever sort of leader figure that was an ok sort of person... or they're totally impotent figureheads and some asshole, trumped-up underling is actually running the show. Castiel's heart is so going to be broken when he meets Daddy. He probably will be just like adult John - who doesn't call when his kids practically beg him for help or they get electrocuted (with Armageddon) - but a bigger heartless bastard. The big cold chessmaster (not) in the sky.... or perhaps off pretending to be the ideal family man with his own Adam while the whole of Earth & Heaven can go frak off?

Even not considering the whole dystopia motife of angels, SPN tends not to make it's heroes happy anyway, even (or especially) in it's endings. Oh Cas, the writers are going to make you cry yet.

ETA. Thinking about Dune, but another God option is he could be pulling a Leto II. As in God let the whole Armageddon situation happen (or instigated it himself) as means to eventually and purposefully collapse Heaven, or at least it's ruling angel body. Wanting to give the angels the same freedom (free will) he did humanity and live to make their own mistakes & triumphs, but also unfortunately already knowing the outcome for most of them via this gift. A la Leto II, possibly realizing early on that the situation in Heaven couldn't be sustained, so it has to be destroyed to be rebuilt. He left (for Earth), leaving the angels to fend for themselves, knowing things would go Lord of the Flies. So, the angel children implode in on themselves when the leaders of the angelic frater familias, Lucifer and Michael, destroy each other, while the human family remains (Dean, Sam and possibly Castiel adopted into it and any other angels who fight with them). Just as God intended it.


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