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  • Let us not speak of the Will/Sue in the ep. Ever.

  • I'm dismayed that apparently if one searches for "funk" in "the iTunes", Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations" shows up as a top search pick? Fail "the iTunes". FAIL.

  • Pucky Puck and Finny D need to kiss and make-up and adorably annoy Finny D's future-stepbrother forever. Their bromancey shenanigans, white boy rapping, air/broom guitar and general goofiness amuse me. Though in the interim I certainly don't mind being entertained by...

  • Mercedes/Quinn and their sorority of fierceness. There's one thing I love about this cast, even in the show's low moments or when the writing is all over the place, everyone has chemistry with everyone. Even somewhat random pairings like this (though there were some seeds for it in the ep after Mercedes joined the Cheerios and Quinn was the only one who sympathized and talked her out of an eating disorder). However...

  • I do love Quinn, but Dianna Agron, bless, auto-tune can only make up for so much. Though wasn't as bad as I was fearing it was going to be when I heard she was doing that song. I found the dancing pregnant girls disconcerting for some reason though, I kept wanting to find them chairs before one of them popped.

  • They made Jesse from shifty-evil-but-then-somewhat-redeemable to pure evil with little finesse. Blah.

  • Though the egging of Rachel did give us Awesome Boy Solidarity (even Kurt was wanting to stomp on some VA punks, hell yeah! lol) which seems to tie into last week (which would have been this week's as they switched the ep order, "Funk" was supposed to go before this one) when the glee kids stood together against Karofsky and Azimio to defend Kurt and Finn.

  • We need more French-speaking Kurt in Show. TOUTE SUITE, Murphy! If Chris can sing in French, by all means LET HIM!

Next Week: This show is just telenovela enough to have Quinn go into labor right when Sue is about to announce the winner. Es perfecto.
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