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  • I honestly don't have much to say about this ep. Though it's amazing how we're at the third to the last ep of the season and this apocalypse still has little to no urgency. *yawns* That ep felt like total filler. Though par for the course for this "apocalypse" story, unfortunately. Someone wake me when they really want to get serious about this "apocalypse" BS.

  • The ep can thank it's lucky stars Mark Sheppard is a damn good actor. Crowley was the only really interesting thing about it.

  • Hey! It's the meeting of Lana Lang's crazy exes!

  • Return of Sam's anger management issues. Their attempt to inject some urgency or suspense before the finale. Eh. Don't care. Just (not) blow up the earth already, writers.

  • Though, Jesus, seems like they're taking pains to dismantle any sort of notion of idealism from the big romantic pairings in this show. John and Mary were paired by the angels, now we learn it was demon machinations that brought Sam and Jess together. Not to say, with both pairings, there wasn't genuine love there, but the hell?

  • Prediction: Sam says yes to Lucifer, but then manages to fight off the devil long enough to beg Dean to sacrifice him for the greater good (in this case, lock Sam in Lucifer's cage along with Lucifer). Just like John in "Devil's Trap". If they had the balls to separate Dean and Sam for longer than an ep at a time to send them on their own adventures (as I don't think Lucifer's cage is anything like a conventional one)? I'd say Sam was going to the devil's magic prison. Except I don't think they have the balls, so Castiel will probably sacrifice himself somehow to separate Sam and Lucifer. Probably long enough to switch places with Sam and thus Dean is forced to condemn Lucifer and Castiel to prison instead. The angel story began with Cas, thus it ends with him.

  • And honestly? THE WRITERS CAN JUST FUCK OFF IF THAT'S HOW WE LOSE CAS. OR IF WE LOSE HIM AT ALL. BARELY USE HIM TO HIS FULL POTENTIAL ALL SEASON, CHEAT US OUT OF ALL THE EPS HE WAS SUPPOSED TO APPEAR AND THEN THROW THE BEAUTIFUL, BAMF BLUE-EYED BABY OUT WITH THE BATH WATER OF THE ENTIRE ANGEL STORYLINE. Unless they were to use literal Hand of God 11th Hour salvation again? This overall non-event of an "apocalypse" story doesn't have me keen on S6, but if we lose Cas too...?

    Next week: Death flirts with Dean. Again. With extra homoeroticism.
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