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  • I don't have tons to say about the ep, apart from it was basically American Gods but abbreviated into 40 mins and not as good. The whole gods only have power only because humans believe in them thing was there, just not spoken outright. In which case, Kripke trying to be subtle about that particular major theme of American Gods (but kind of failing at it), we can all probably take a good guess how this season is going to end.

  • Rekha Sharma made for a pretty good Kali, even if she wasn't as strong as Lucifer. She was the last god standing when all the predominantly male gods before her were toast, I guess that's something.

  • But yeah, uhm, Ganesha was a vegetarian, Kripke. I doubt he was into the long pig.

  • The guy playing Baldur was a sexy bitch, but didn't seem to have a lot going on upstairs. He seemed to have a dumb or smug grin on his face most of the ep. He'd also been rather bluntly being cuckolded by both Kali and Gabriel.

  • Speaking of Kali/Gabriel, I think I may have more to say on them and it's meaning with regard to Kripke being a Joseph Campbell fanboy, but I think I'll save that for a separate post.

  • Right now, I did find it all rather offensive how very easily the gods were killed and Kali had to be saved by white American males Gabriel, Sam & Dean, but due to the flagrant pilfering from Gaiman (again), I'm going to guess Judeo-Christianity as it's presented in SPN is going to end up much the same in 5x22. Probably with Dean having some Neo-like realization and then wiping the angels out with a thought a la Jesse or convincing Jesse to do it (The hand that rocks the cradle...). Or letting an angel possess him, knowing the truth about all the angels, thus dissolving (or reintegrating) the angel into himself or the world like what Neo did to Agent Smith in "The Matrix". Or whatever.

  • Another possibility, with that tidbit Gabriel gave them in the porn vid re: Lucifer's cage (though I doubt - or perhaps refuse - to believe the solution would be so mundane as just bottling up Lucifer again for an eternity), is Dean himself ends up being the cage and the Horsemen rings are the keys. Dean the one whose supposed to stop it as he's the one who started it blah di blah. Though with that magic power of free will, manages to exert his control over the inner-Michael or Lucifer.

  • I guess I'm also willing to take Lucifer - playing champion for Judeo-Christianity here - plowing through the gods as metaphoric for how Judeo-Christianity gained such a stronghold at strategic times in history. Crushing all opposition and instilling fear and forced subjegation in those that lived on.

  • Lucifer is also basically described like a child having a tantrum, jealous of the "new baby". Likely another anvilly parallel to Dean & Sam (literally between them, but also notably "Jump the Shark" when they first realized the existence of Adam. Whose name sounds even more apropos now than it did then). Gabriel almost directly referring to humanity as the younger siblings that the elder siblings are to take care of. Which Raphael was also alluding to - though as the weary older sibling tired of taking care of the younger (anvilicious Winchester parallels are anvilicious) - in 5x03.

  • However, going back to American Gods, these "elder siblings" would only exist as far as the "younger siblings" willed them. Which could be a sort of sad, but appropriate parallel to how Dean's perceived his existence and place in the family for so long. Dean exists to take care of Sam (and Castiel exists to take care of Dean... and Sam, but mostly Dean. "I gave everything for you!"). Except Sam wills Dean into existence? Probably not literally. I'd think it's more like Sam will likely encourage Dean to have a life for himself. In a more literal sense, Dean, like Jesse, may have the ability to will things (or persons) into being. Like, for example, Castiel (if the American Gods theme holds true, Cas wouldn't be any more real than the angels, thus no more real than than gods in AG). The younger sibling willing the elder to life, metaphorically and literally.

  • Heh, I guess I had more to say than I thought, but I was still pretty meh about it all.
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