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Dean's holding one of Death's scythes. They first showed up in "Death Takes A Holiday" and we know they're capable of killing Reapers. Possibly also capable of killing Death?

Dean's engaged! Seriously though, it looks like Death just handed over his ring. WTF? Like he wants Dean to have it.

CRAZY CRACKSPEC: Death knows something Team Free Will doesn't know re: the Horsemen Rings? Also knows what will happen when Dean has them all / puts them all on? I'm still clinging to the crack that Dean might be this guy and Death knows exactly who Dean really is. Hence why Death didn't put up a fight. He didn't want to have that kind of bad juju to come back at him when Dean finally woke up?

Random factoids about Abaddon and how he might be relevant to our interests:
  • He plays a big role in Revelation and - unless that turns out to be what Death calls himself - he hasn't shown up yet.

  • "Only an angel can kill another angel" and Dean just killed Zachariah. Of course, that could have just been Uriel being an arrogant dick (as if it was probably inconceivable to him some monkey or whatever lower species could ever take out an almighty angel). However, let's say Uriel was being very literal about that. Abaddon is "the angel of the bottomless pit" according to Revelation.

  • Also about that "bottomless pit" business, Famine gives Dean the Bad Touch and tells him, "That's one deep, dark nothing you've got there, Dean."

  • Not to mention Dean was immune to Famine, apparently because of this "deep, dark nothing" inside him.

Apathetic, depressed Dean keeps going on lately about he's tired of fighting who he really is. He might have been speaking honestly there, but maybe not even knowing himself the extent of that honesty. Dean is a suprsekrit angel and he isn't aware of it? Maybe Dean will remember who/what he is when he puts the Horsemen Rings on? Snap him out of the magic amnesia / restores his grace?
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