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And I blame [ profile] vichan completely for this. :P

[ profile] vichan was wondering if SPN's typical finale cliffhanger may have something to do with Cas due to how cryptic TPTB and some of the cast are being about Cas/Misha being in S6.

Let's run with that and say, yes, the cliffhanger does have to do with Castiel. Also that - in true Winchester form - it involves a big sacrifice.

However, I remembered we just got a spoiler about Bobby and that Crowley makes him an offer to give him Death's location in exchange for Bobby's soul, of which Bobby reluctantly agrees.

Except I'm not certain how much I believe Bobby is a goner. And though I love Bobby and he is a major fixture in the show, he's never had regular status like Castiel has and, let's be honest, not the same numbers of fans (aka, batfudge nuts fangirls). Basically, something happening to Castiel, in true SPN finale form, would probably make fandom shout a lot louder and longer through the summer than something happening to Bobby.

What if Castiel goes to Crowley and offers up himself in Bobby's place, unbeknownst to Dean, Sam or Bobby? Castiel was already willing to kill himself so he wouldn't have to watch Dean fail all to give Dean & Sam a chance to save their baby brother, Adam and all despite believing Dean's completely given up and wants to say yes. I could believe Cas would be willing to sacrifice himself again, this time in a seemingly very final, terrible way, so Dean & Sam don't lose Bobby.

So, Castiel sacrifices himself to Crowley so Bobby won't go to Hell and Dean & Sam (but mostly Dean) wouldn't have to suffer losing their father figure after having lost so much already. Dean especially would have known what would happen to Bobby if he went down there. Because it's Cas' job to bring Dean peace, not pain. *wibbles*

Cas would still be alive (so the fangirls wouldn't have to pull out the pitchforks) and this could give Dean & Sam a new mission for S6, Harrow the hell out of Hell and save Cas. In the meantime, try to mend their relationship. Hell that might have gotten a total rehaul after Lucifer's likely demise the end of this season and largely looks remarkably like Canada. Canada on crack with a side of LSD, maybe, but Canada nonetheless. So, S6... the Winchesters storm the Hell castle to save Dean's love their friend? I could roll with that.
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